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Customer Testimonials

We take great pride in our work and ability to provide excellent customer service. Here are some examples of our recent work...

  • Two more Refurbished Bins ready for transporting back to Sugarich…

    IMG_0807 IMG_0806

  • Full Refurbishment of Compactor…

    IMG_1259 IMG_1261 IMG_1262 IMG_1264 IMG_1266

    Compactor Refurb
  • Full Refurbishment of Compactor…


  • Full Refurbishment of Compactor…


  • Full Refurbishment of Compactor…

    IMG_1175 IMG_1176 IMG_1177 IMG_1179

  • Full Refurbishment of Compactor…

    IMG_1242 IMG_1239 IMG_1238 IMG_1237

  • Complete refurbishment of Waste Compactor – looks like new…

    Compactor Refurb - The Gate


    The Gate, Newcastle
  • Repairs to the Compactors after the flooding in Carlisle…

    McVities Floods

  • Refurbishment & Installation…

    aNewcastle Upon Tyne-20140124-00158  Newcastle Upon Tyne-20140124-00159  aNewcastle Upon Tyne-20140124-00156  aNewcastle Upon Tyne-20140124-00155

    Installation of a refurbished compactor at one of Newcastle Council’s Civic Amenity Sites.

    Newcastle City Council
  • Bin Repairs…

                       DSC02395         DSC02396

    40 yard bin refurbishment          Complete floor replacement     Rigging screw replacements      Supply/fit hold backs & pins

    Various sites
  • Air System repair…

    DSC02421 DSC02425 DSC02424 DSC02423   DSC02426

    Rosewood Packaging
  • Control Panel…

    Panel front  Internal control panel Control Panel Saw

    Bespoke control panel built for a fully automatic metal saw.

    The Program was written to our customers requirements.

  • Jenz Shredder…

    DSC01763 DSC02400 DSC02402

    We fully maintain & service Jenz Shredders.

    Newcastle City Council
  • Cable Support…

    Cable Support

    Overhead cable support fabricated in our workshop - ready for the installation of a compactor.

    British Airways
  • Compactor Refurbishment…

    DSC02386  DSC02384  DSC02414  DSC02420  DSC02413

    Before…                                                                                    During…                                       After…

  • For Rent…

    DSC02407 DSC02408

    One of our portable Waste Compactors available for rent.

    Balers are also available - please contact us for more information.



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